There are so many apps in the world right now where you can actually use not just for personal but also for business use. These applications can help you make things easier and faster. It can increase your productivity and, as a matter of fact, increase the profit of your business. Here’s are some of the best apps for your business needs:

  1. Quickbooks- this app serves as your business accountant where you can track your business’ financial health.
  1. Skype- is an app where you can have a videoconference with your business partners and/or employees, exchange text messages, share your computer’s screen, and lets you transfer photos and files of any size.
  1. Paypal- this app lets you connect your debit/credit card into Paypal where you can instantly request for money or pay to anyone who also has an account in Paypal.
  1. Trello- is a project management app where you can track your team’s workflow. It lets you create a card that contains assignments or tasks.