It doesn’t seem that long ago that the business world was dominated by men and scarcely entered by women. Nowadays, however, we see a big change on the business front. Many of the power leaders in the business world are proudly female and the opportunities for female workers to climb the corporate ladder are becoming easier to grab hold of.

In saying all that, being a woman in business still has plenty of challenges to contend with, meaning that business coaching for women can certainly be worth its weight in gold. However, the trouble is often not in understanding the worth of such business coaching, but rather in working out how to choose the best mentor.

So with the dilemma in mind we are ready and willing to share with you a few of our top tips from Brisbane business coaching for analysing the business coaching options available for women and choosing the one that  is right for you and your needs.

Tip 1 – Chemistry Is Crucial

For many things in life, choosing someone who has great references, a good reputation and competitive pricing is often enough to ensure a job well done. When it comes to choosing business coaching for women, the same cannot be said. Simply put, you want to feel amazing chemistry when you speak with the potential mentor. That means that someone who makes an ideal coach for your work colleague, may not be the ideal coach for you.

So how can really know whether you have the right chemistry? Analyse how you feel, both during the conversation and afterwards. The strongest feelings should be excitement, inspiration and motivation if the coach is the right one for you. In addition, a touch of healthy fear is also a good thing so don’t worry if the coach makes your knees knock a little!

Tip 2 – Choose a Coach Who Has Been There And Done That

Some coaches have amazing qualifications, training and certificates to their name, but have they personally reached all of the things you want to fulfil? For many women, the best business coach is someone who has achieved their life’s ambitions, made it places in the business world, and has the passion to make sure you don’t just meet your expectations but that you can’t see them for dust!

Tip 3 – Do Take Time To Read The References And Testimonials

Once you have found a coach (or a short list of mentors) who meet the above two criteria, it’s time to check out the references or testimonials. This should give you the final stamp of reassurance that they really can do what they promise.

Indeed, the business world has opened up to women in recent times and for many ambitious female souls the drive to embrace it is strong. Rather than go it alone, take the time and choose the right business coach for your needs. After all, we all need a helping hand every now and then, taking on the challenging world of business is no exception to that!